Array Support! Now has array support, (sadlly ']' currently doubles as a ',' But it is there!)

Here's an example:

test{[Gala,Johnny]Tropical} #Notice how there is no comma ',' after ']'

On top of this you can now do multi-branching with ':' and ';' for cutscenes, and '<' ,'>' for branching pathways of said cutscene


:testmite#The cutscene name
<testbranch #The branch name
>#End of branch
<testother #branch B
>#End of Branch b
;#And the end of the Cutscene

You can have as many as desired.


1.Read the next function stack only when the current function is done. able to read the engine's Globals (Or interact in some way).

3.A second version for Esc. Script:  I know how many Godot Programmers want this. Kreader was made because of all the hassle of getting esc script WITHOUT escoria. This will be high priority.

4.A third version for Twine.

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