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#Kreader a general use external script caller for gdscript Kreader was made because a lot of people like escoria's esc script, however did not like all the bloat that came with it. Kreader/K is set up to read K files, then call the scripts from K files, in the Kreader, from then on it's up to you what to do with it.

Kreader's main purpose is for dialog and scripted squences. As those would bloat gdscript if were not seperated. (plus it's convent to read a dialog squence from a different file.) However you can use it for anything that would call a specific function multiple times. Saving games, collecting items, to map generation.

#Using Kreader

  1. Make your functions that you want kreader to use.

    In side Kreader.gd: #Functions (<---- under this.) func test(param1,param2): print("is an apple a: "+str(param1)) print("and is an banana a: "+str(param2))

  2. Create your character/dialog/cutscene/etc. script that you wish to reference Kreader to

  3. Inside your script create a variable like so...

     export(String,FILE, ".k")var kfile

    This will show up in Godot Editor as a file icon, When it is clicked, it will only find .k files (Note: ".k" can be changed to your liking, but as a uniformed method, ".k" will be used)

4.Then create a .k file with your desired functions



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