Concept Release 3

I had this project on 2D in Godot2. It was a simple arena shooter. You kill the other player you win. I've gone back and completely overhauled the project. 

Now it's in Godot3 in 3D, with both Deathmatch and Destroy Base (A RTS MODE!). The Game has completely shifted focus. I'm trying to make it more like Herzog Zwei, and Airmech. (Props to you if you've played either.) You can customize your mecha. Build units and command them too. Capture bases, and destroy the other player's HQ.

The AI is broken right now. So don't both playing against it, unless you want to fight a vegetable.

Files 22 MB
Dec 17, 2017 8 MB
Dec 17, 2017 2 MB
Dec 17, 2017
DUKE_32bit.x86 31 MB
Jan 11, 2019
DUKE_64bit.x86_64 28 MB
Jan 11, 2019
WinDUKE.exe 23 MB
Jan 11, 2019 19 MB
Jan 11, 2019

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