Concept Release 7

Hallelujah it is here! The final concept update. Yes that is right folks after this update I am going to make Alpha 1. Figured since this has been my project for 9 months straight. I might as well go for it. So this update actually focused on single player. With Decoy AI fixes, a tutorial, and a campaign map. However I also got sidetracked and added a nonfunctional level-editor, resource points, and a shop. I 
There is a bug but this is for the better. I was planning on having team based textures. But it is currently not working so those nice textures I did have now are solid colors. Granted you can now tell who’s on what team now.
Also custom inventory Is broken now due to me changing it’s place in the Main menu interface. SORRY I GOOD INTENTIONS!
Translations YES! A little early but I felt the need.
Major Changes:
Tutorial Level.
Campaign map
Improved AI DECOY
New GUI Theme.
Added Translation Server
Added Shop
Added Resource points
Teams now display colors
new Maps:
new modes:
ST – story mode
new Music:
Call of the sirens
Blitz it
Reigning Bass
English New Zealand
Minor Changes:
Stupid now redirects it’s units towards an attacking base.
Free Cam currently used only in level editor.
Dialog System/
added for ease of setting up matches
merged inventory to the player entry
AI does not fire at ground/air targets they can’t hit.
AI Pathfinding.
Bases has adjustable variables. Capture limit, can create units, healable, money value and timer
controls menu now displays proper player at each entry.
fix unit hitboxes
Mouse reticle is fixed
Decoy AI crashes game
Fixed Quickplay
Units no longer ghost capture bases
Player no longer ghost grabbing units.
Decoy no longer steals camera from the player when it dies
base now gets captured by 4 instead of 5.
player now gets shown on minimap
HOTFIXES (Temporary fixes that need to be replaced):
Cutscene doesn’t collide with itself when restarting matches after playing tutorial
Started work on a Dukepedia.
Devwiki unit_entity
Devwiki Spawn
Devwiki base’s HQ section
THE GIT LOG FROM ROLLING: (As you can tell I am not professional.)

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Aug 23, 2019
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Aug 23, 2019
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Aug 23, 2019
DUKE_64bit.x86_64 34 MB
Aug 23, 2019

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Oh yeah. Mac users rejoice! If you have a problem with it working on your OS tell me.